Elite buildings

Lot of things have been improved. I use a new terrain shader based on texture arrays, which allow me to have 16 textures at the speed of the normal Unity terrain, and water puddles easy to sync with rain for example. I also start working on the Buildings. Most of the buildings in the video are for the Elite members (the ones who are paying) another video will feature the normal buildings which are very different! Enjoy the video and […]

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Here we are, the Milestone 1 is released. I am so excited to move to the next stage which will feature the NPC characters, dialog system, the weapon system and the main buildings. What is included in this demo? You get 1 terrain ( the game features 17) with a lake and some basic power buildings and antenna but is mainly: the jungle! The environment is a very important part of the game. You can change the time with a slider […]

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Music: Liberty city

Here is the main materials that I will use while the player will explore, talk, fight. Note the “Avatar flute”. Listen with a headphone!

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The User Interface

It seems that this milestone is taking forever. But on my way to do the first flyable release, I am a bit forced to do the UI (User Interface). I want that you have some options to play with the settings. So I have bumped on Machine UI for UGUI by Evil that is looking exactly as if Evil did a custom work just for my game. I am so lucky on this one. Evil is the best UI designer on […]

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Lake and Underwater

Playway Water system is great for a huge Ocean but it does not work so well on small bodies of Water. Introducing FastOcean from bearWorks. This asset has many issues that I need to fix, but it catch my attention with some unique features. It is fast. Someway they managed to get the reflections faster than the classic planar reflection that is so slow with Aqua, Water4 or Smartwater. I love the Glare effect, it is visually amazing. The code […]

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No tropic comes without some heavy tropical rainfalls and thunderstorms. These will be top notch and will come progressively like a full cinematic experience. This will be polished but here is just a sneak peak of what you can expect. I wanted to have rain, splashes and puddle ripples. No need to re-create the wheel, Rivermill’s Realistic Rain Storm has done the work and is available in the Asset Store. Their basic settings are not optimized (12000 particles!) and the lightnings are […]

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Day and Night cycle.

Stage 1 is almost complete! There are still B level things to do, like the Rain (almost done) but I will do it when I will be bored later by the upcoming milestones. This stage took 2 months. I estimate the first beta to be for January 2018 with the game starting to be playable in September 2017. Doing a game is like climbing a mountain, you need to do it step by step, without looking at the top of […]

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You have probably noticed that the video I make can be quite slow. It is because with Unity trees, I get 10 FPS on my I7 / Nvidia 950M laptop. I have a very good procedural Jungle, but Unity show its limits. Who is going to play a game that is running at 5 FPS? Another problem is the low quality of the billboard from the Unity trees system, reminiscent to the 8 bit times it seems. They are using […]

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Glass will an important material for the buildings, specially the ones from the “elite” – normal buildings will be shacks. So I was shopping for a great glass shader and I found Crystal Glass from qq.d.y. This set of shaders is great and easy to use, except for two major problems They do not react to Global Illumination which is a big issue in a environment with day/night cycles. They do not support an opacity map to simulate dirt. In one word, […]

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I love Playway Water System… but the ones who really knows me, are aware that I have some experience with water shaders! 90% of the work made by Playway is a complex and powerful framework, that can save presets, and manage the different shaders. 10% is made in the shaders themselves. This shader seems to be done by a good mathematician. FFT/Gerstner waves are the best and in general, the water is moving great. But here is a list of things that […]

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