Music: Liberty city

Here is the main materials that I will use while the player will explore, talk, fight. Note the “Avatar flute”. Listen with a headphone!

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I have worked one night to record this Theme, but I was building it in my brain for at least 3 months. I found the main melody a while ago and it was sticking in my brain. I just needed a night to record it. I use Cubase (the version 5.1.1, because my Dongle stopped working and I have no choice than using a pirated version, even if I purchased it!), thanks Steinberg! I am on PC. The main source […]

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Sound Fx 3D spawning

Since I want to have a procedural world, I also decided to use World Creator to spawn sounds. I would use some specific species of tree to handle a corresponding sound. For example Bamboo have sounds with water, and high trees, have more windy sounds. The result is dynamic 360 degree soundscape that is as complex and diverse as the procedural is visually. Put your headphones on and look at the video!            

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