Introduction I have spent the last 4 days trying my best to use MegaSplat in my project and I have given up when I realized the huge trade off this technology is asking. What is making me upset is that the author is carefully hiding these problems trying to sell his product has a miracle terrain shader that can handle 256 textures faster than Unity. Plus he is adding like a carpet seller a lot of bonuses, like puddles, tessellation, […]

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Sound Fx 3D spawning

Since I want to have a procedural world, I also decided to use World Creator to spawn sounds. I would use some specific species of tree to handle a corresponding sound. For example Bamboo have sounds with water, and high trees, have more windy sounds. The result is dynamic 360 degree soundscape that is as complex and diverse as the procedural is visually. Put your headphones on and look at the video!            

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The Elite / Starting Pod

One Publisher “Barking Dog” has made an amazing pack that is fitting exactly what I needed for the technology part of the game. The action take place in the future, after an almost total destruction of the world. Some survivors are isolated on an Island in East Asia. So there are mutants because of the Radiations, but also they are gone down to the medieval times because nothing is working. However, there are some machines that are still self maintaining […]

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Some progression with the Tropical Environment. Now I am spawning particles everywhere, according to rules of course. I have also optimized and it is faster. Occlusion culling is doing a great job and saves me about 5 frames.

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After having chosen World Creator, I have collected all the tropical Assets I could find and started working on a simple Tropical demo. It took me about 1:30 hour to get to this result. Of course it is just a starting, but the main assets are here. uSky for the clouds, the sun shafts, the atmospheric scattering. The water is temporary AQUA since I will change that later, I need to have underwater and waves which AQUA lacks of. I […]

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