Conversion to UE4

I have made this video to show the workflow I am using to convert Unity’s asset to Unreal. This includes using Bitmap 2 Material, generating collision and changing the LOD. The link to the master material I use that is compatible Unity PBR is in the Video description:  

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You have probably noticed that the video I make can be quite slow. It is because with Unity trees, I get 10 FPS on my I7 / Nvidia 950M laptop. I have a very good procedural Jungle, but Unity show its limits. Who is going to play a game that is running at 5 FPS? Another problem is the low quality of the billboard from the Unity trees system, reminiscent to the 8 bit times it seems. They are using […]

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Glass will an important material for the buildings, specially the ones from the “elite” – normal buildings will be shacks. So I was shopping for a great glass shader and I found Crystal Glass from qq.d.y. This set of shaders is great and easy to use, except for two major problems They do not react to Global Illumination which is a big issue in a environment with day/night cycles. They do not support an opacity map to simulate dirt. In one word, […]

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I love Playway Water System… but the ones who really knows me, are aware that I have some experience with water shaders! 90% of the work made by Playway is a complex and powerful framework, that can save presets, and manage the different shaders. 10% is made in the shaders themselves. This shader seems to be done by a good mathematician. FFT/Gerstner waves are the best and in general, the water is moving great. But here is a list of things that […]

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Looking for the best / fastest water There are so many water assets at the asset store and outside, that it is difficult to find the right one without testing them. That is what I have done and here is the result of my tests. Unity Water 4 Unity water comes included with Unity and has a decent look, is handling the shore automatically. The only problem is that I found it very slow, actually slower than Playway which is by […]

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Introduction I have spent the last 4 days trying my best to use MegaSplat in my project and I have given up when I realized the huge trade off this technology is asking. What is making me upset is that the author is carefully hiding these problems trying to sell his product has a miracle terrain shader that can handle 256 textures faster than Unity. Plus he is adding like a carpet seller a lot of bonuses, like puddles, tessellation, […]

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Introduction If you want to make a great environment you have to carefully choose the tool that you are going to use, because there is no turn back. So my choices when I start working on that project in 2016 was Terrain Composer, Map Magic, Gaia and World Creator. I played with all of them and after many tests I finally choose World Creator. The evaluations   Terrain Composer: not intuitive enough for my taste, good for very large terrains […]

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